Our Girls Also Have An Incredible Capacity For STEM

Our Girls Also Have An Incredible Capacity For STEM

Many of the societal stereotypes or biases towards women start in the classroom. For example, many teachers still believe that girls are not as capable as boys in math and science, which affects their interactions with each student. So, many girls develop low confidence in their STEM ability, withdrawing into their shells. ⠀

However, girls also have equal capacity for STEM as boys, and they belong in STEM too. So we only need to reinforce the idea that they are capable, and in doing so, we let them see the possibilities. Interestingly, there are a lot of role models today that we can use as cases in point. ⠀

But, reorienting girls does not only happen in the classrooms. The home and society at large have got a huge role to play. So, what role are you playing in your little corner to tilt the gender imbalance in STEM? We need to level the playing field, and you can make a difference.⠀

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