3 Phenomenal Women In STEM

3 Phenomenal Women In STEM

There are so many women doing amazing things in the STEM field. Let’s celebrate a few of them;

Aletha Maybank; The associate commissioner at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Aletha Maybank envisions neighborhoods where everyone eats healthful foods, plays in clean and safe parks, has timely access to healthcare and receives solid education in top-performing schools.

Deena Pierott; The founder and executive director of iUrban Teen, a STEM+Arts education program that provides underrepresented teens with mentoring and career-exploration services, Deena Pierott has guided more than 8,000 young people of color toward careers in STEM and education.

Dorothy Lavinia Brown; was the first female surgeon of African-American ancestry from the Southeastern United States

Source: goldieblox.com

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